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African Young Entrepreneur Jason's Trip to Senlai

African Young Entrepreneur Jason's Trip to Senlai

June 16, 2023

African Young Entrepreneur Jason's Trip to Senlai


This is Jason, he is 26 years old, he is from Rwanda in Africa.


Jason is a brave and dreamy young entrepreneur with a certain sense of determination and mission shining in his eyes. As a young man in Rwanda, he witnessed the destruction of the environment by the waste that his country accumulated day by day. This question made him deeply worried, and also aroused the spirit of exploration and adventure in his bones.




Through the Internet, he learned that there is a material called WPC. At the same time, he also learned that Wuhu Senlai New Material Co., Ltd. in China is the production base of WPC. This product is both environmentally friendly and has high practical value. It can be used as Ground, wall panels, railings and other application fields. Jason was very interested in this industry, so he resolutely decided to go to Senlai Company to learn more about this industry and this material. He hopes that through this material, he can find solutions to his country's environmental problems.


When Jason walked into Senlai Company, what he felt was the passionate vitality and creativity of this factory. He carefully observed each worker's skills and slightly tired faces in their own positions, and saw that they were all relentlessly pursuing higher efficiency and higher quality production effects, and he saw a strong "technical "Propaganda" atmosphere, we can see everyone's fanatical investment and willingness to maintain the environmental protection material industry.




Jason Visits The Workshop


After the visit, Jason and the staff discussed the performance and use of WPC in detail, and learned about the role this material can play in the field of architecture and decoration, which can reduce environmental pollution and bring high-quality user experience. He has a strong interest in this kind of WPC industry, and began to consider introducing this technology to his own country. As long as in the next six months, he will establish a cooperative relationship with Senlai Company, which also proves environmental protection and innovation to the world value is equally important.


For Jason, the environmental issue is full of challenges and destined to be full of difficulties, but he still chooses to go on firmly. He firmly believes that as long as he concentrates on research, uses innovative thinking to solve this problem, and uses global technology to improve himself, he can find a way to help his country get rid of the plight of environmental pollution and create a better future for future generations.




Jason Is Viewing WPC Flooring

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