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Beginning of Autumn

Beginning of Autumn

August 08, 2023

Beginning of Autumn



Today, we usher in the first solar term of autumn: Beginning of Autumn. Beginning of Autumn, a long-standing traditional festival, is also known as the July Festival among the people. It is the 13th solar term among the 24 solar terms. As a seasonal solar term, the Beginning of Autumn is the start of autumn. The scorching heat is coming to an end, and the cool autumn season is drawing near.



After the beginning of autumn, the day is still hot, but the cold will gradually rise in the morning and evening. Climate change, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, the natural environment provides conditions for the production of mold, wood chips, branches and leaves and other organic matter in the appropriate temperature and humidity conditions decline, may form mold on the WPC decking. Clean the decking in time, do not walk barefoot on the WPC decking, cleaning plastic wood decking do not use metal brush, such as steel wire brush and steel velvet, if there is mold, use water and soft brush with detergent to remove.



Although it is the beginning of autumn, but the heat has not eased, there will be heavy rain from time to time, heat and rain is essential, pay attention to check the weather forecast before going out.



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