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  • How To Prevent WPC Decking Cracking
    Jul 21, 2023
    How To Prevent WPC Decking Cracking     WPC decking environmental protection durable, not easy to crack, this situation usually has the following reasons, and we give the relevant prevention methods.         WPC decking and joist are not pre-drilled      Our WPC decking is equipped with a clip to secure the decking tightly to the joist. The fastening device can be applied to all types of WPC decking. In areas where the use of screws to secure the surface of the WPC decking (head and tail WPC decking) is indeed necessary, a guide hole of not less than 3 mm should be drilled in place to prevent the WPC decking from cracking as a result of heat expansion and cold contraction.     Not properly saved before installation     When can not be installed in time, the WPC decking should be stored in a suitable place and cover it, to avoid collision when handling.     Joist installation clearance is too large     WPC decking has more flexibility than traditional wood floor, so joist arrangement needs to be more compact, gap should not exceed 350 mm, so can better support WPC decking. Installation Gap is too large to support the WPC decking, a long time may lead to WPC decking rupture, shorten the service life.     Did not choose suitable WPC decking       We tend to ignore the difference between different models of WPC decking, thus choosing the wrong decking. In the choice of WPC decking, the most important is to consider the load-bearing. Hollow WPC decking is usually suitable for low-flow family terraces, balconies, gardens and so on. Solid WPC decking is more supportive and is used in areas with high pedestrian flow, such as large swimming pools. If you choose the wrong load-bearing WPC decking, will lead to decking breakage, damage to the decking.     Fix the WPC decking  with screws     WPC decking contains 70% wood fiber and 30% plastic, so it is more sensitive to outside temperature changes. Simply with screws fixed WPC decking, when the external temperature increases significantly, WPC decking will expand screw extrusion, easy to cause breakage. Our fixed device (Clip) is to deal with the WPC decking heat expansion and contraction of the characteristics of the special design, can let the WPC decking to adapt to temperature changes, thus preventing cracking.            
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