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Does The WPC Decking Warp?

Does The WPC Decking Warp?

July 27, 2023

Does The WPC Decking Warp?




WPC decking as a substitute for wood floor, the advantage is very obvious, because the wood is easy to warp, we will tend to choose WPC decking, but WPC decking will also have the possibility of warping. Next we will detail the difference between wood flooring and WPC decking in this respect, and how to avoid warping when installing WPC decking.






The cause of the wood floor warping




Wood floor is used because of improper, the faucet of kitchen or toilet runs water, make wood floor bubble water is too long, wood floor produces wet bilge is out of shape, because wet expand size becomes big no place to stretch, can arch only. Continuous rainy weather, the relative humidity in the air is on the high side, did not take wet measures, the moisture in the air is absorbed by the wood floor after expansion. As it dries and the moisture in the air decreases, the wood contracts again. In the use process, this kind of situation may happen many times, produce wood floor warping. The density of different parts of the tree is also different, and the density of the wood used in a wood floor varies, which causes different rates of absorbing and draining water, with one part drying slower than the other, which makes the wood floor warp.




WPC decking has warping resistance




WPC decking is a kind of high-tech green environmental protection material made of wood fiber as the foundation material and plastic particles and processing additives, mixed evenly, and then heated and formed by the mold equipment, the density is uniform, so the water absorption and drainage speed of each part of WPC decking is the same, so it reduces the possibility of warping. And plastic polymer can cover wood fiber, with better waterproof performance.



The correct way to install WPC decking



WPC decking is mainly composed of wood fiber and plastic particles, organic material can also suffer tide to a certain extent, the phenomenon of warping occurs thereby. As a result of adding plastic polymer when making, theoretically plastic wood floor is not easy to produce warping. Accordingly, when discovery WPC decking produces warping, the possibility is installation method is wrong. We provide complete and detailed installation instruction manuals resulting in better protection for WPC decking and protection against warping.



The two sides of each WPC decking have grooves, we have a special clip system, through the clip will be fixed on the joist, so that the gap between the WPC decking at least 5mm, so that the decking can adapt to the hot expansion and cold contraction caused by the weather, will not affect other WPC decking, thus reduce warping. When fastening WPC decking, want to use expansion screw, the heat that can adapt to the decking expands cold shrink change so, won't bring about WPC decking cracking. Finally, do not pay attention to complete level when installing WPC decking,the surface of the decking collects water easily , accelerate the water absorption speed of WPC decking, the time is long can bring about warping.



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