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From Nature,Against Nature

From Nature,Against Nature


From nature


All the raw materials of Senlai come from the waste products generated in life and the recyclables left in industrial production. Under normal circumstances, this raw material accounts for 80% of our production process.

Therefore, Senlai's products do not contain formaldehyde and other toxic substances.

Every piece comes from recycled materials found in nature, so while our ingredients come from nature, not a single tree is cut down. We and our raw material suppliers are committed to dealing with waste pollution generated in life, recycled wood and recycled plastic films, such as milk jugs, detergent bottles, waste construction waste, food packaging waste, grocery bags, etc., after industrial processing, become brand new s material.

Senlai's wood-plastic products are made of the following materials:

◆About 60% hardwood fiber ◆Approximately 30% polypropylene or polyethylene

◆The remaining 10% contains pigments, compatibilizers, antioxidants, anti-mildew and refractory materials, etc.

◆ The percentage of each content may vary for different types of products.

◆ All materials are non-toxic chemicals and preservatives, polypropylene or polyethylene are the only plastics added.


Why against nature?


As we all know, there are many natural laws in nature that are irresistible, such as the change of seasons, the alternation of day and night, and the aging of organisms. In building materials, this is also unavoidable. Just like people, wood-plastic materials will also age slowly with the passage of time, facing problems such as oxidation and fading. Although the laws of nature cannot be reversed, we can delay their occurrence.

Senlai's products are specially designed for various environments, including near-water areas and marine environments. No matter where you are in the world, we'll make sure your building materials are protected at their best thanks to the high-quality antioxidants we add to our products.

Our antioxidants can effectively inhibit the damage caused by natural factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, chemical reactions such as oxidation and moisture. Therefore, our WPC materials will not age and fade quickly due to environmental influences, and they have a longer service life than other common building materials. This not only saves you the cost of permanent maintenance, but also keeps your garden looking and looking great.

This is the confrontation with nature, to be precise, the confrontation with the laws of nature.


Keep On The Nature Side

Is there anything else we can do for nature? This is a question that every Senlai person will think about.

"Keep on the nature side." This is not just a slogan, but a belief in our work. In every production process, we will try our best to save energy and reduce emissions.

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