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How To Deal With The Water On The WPC Decking

How To Deal With The Water On The WPC Decking

August 02, 2023

How To Deal With The Water On The WPC Decking



No matter what kind of wooden floor, its essence is water-repellent. If the rain, the surface of the floor will produce discoloration and cracking and other phenomena. Although WPC decking more durable, better resistance to rain erosion,but a long time,WPC decking life will be shortened, so we must pay attention to prevent water.





In the installation of WPC decking, do not over-pursue the flatness of the decking, can make WPC decking has a slight tilt, which does not affect the beauty, but also faster drainage water, extend service life. In addition, we also specially equipped with clip, clip will be fixed on the decking joist, so that there are at least 3mm gap between the decking, can be used as a natural drainage channel to prevent WPC decking water accumulation too much.



When the WPC decking on a large number of water, you can carry out some simple daily maintenance. Use mop, towel and other tools can absorb water on the plastic wood decking, choose soft brush can sweep excess water, pay attention not to use hard hair broom and other cleaning tools, which will damage the surface texture of plastic wood decking. In the removal of water, to pay attention to plastic wood decking grooves and crevices, these areas are prone to water accumulation.





When installing WPC decking , bottom must lay keel, so joist choice is also extremely important. Ordinary wooden joist will not drain in time, long time in a humid environment and decay, resulting in plastic wood decking collapse, bending. It is recommended to use plastic wood joist, because plastic wood joist water absorption rate is very low, there is a better waterproof role.



Above is to prevent and reduce the method of WPC decking water.Get it practice!





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