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The trip to Jakarta International Building Materials Exhibition

The trip to Jakarta International Building Materials Exhibition

July 03, 2023


The trip to Jakarta International Building Materials Exhibition 

    Today is July 3, 2023, and we have come to the capital of Indonesia - Jakarta!

    Jakarta, the capital and largest city of Indonesia, is an exciting and dynamic place. Located on the northern shore of the island of Java, it is a multicultural and multi-ethnic city that brings together people of different backgrounds and traditions. Jakarta is known worldwide for its stunning architecture, busy city center and vibrant cultural life.

     Our trip is to participate in the internationally renowned Jakarta Building Materials Exhibition, where nearly 1,000 companies from China, the United States, Japan, India, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other countries have gathered. From steel and machinery, to faucets and screws, you can find almost all construction products here.

     Our booth is located in Hall 10, with an area of about 9 square meters. We bring almost all kinds of products, including WPC flooring, wall panels, fences and custom products.

     Next, without further ado, please see the pictures we sent back on the spot!






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