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Why must the keel be laid before laying the floor?

Why must the keel be laid before laying the floor?

June 27, 2023


Why must the keel be laid before laying the floor?

Friends who have installed wood-plastic flooring must have a question. Obviously, many floors are very flat and have been laid in advance with cement. Why must the keel be laid before laying the floor? This will not only increase the economic cost, but also increase a lot of workload. In fact, the keel is a necessity for laying wood-plastic flooring, whether it is a muddy ground with harsh environments or a well-prepared concrete ground.
Install keel on site
There are 3 reasons.
First of all, it is impossible for any ground to be 100% flat, and the laying of keels can keep the wood-plastic floor on a horizontal line as much as possible, making the wood-plastic floor more flat and avoiding unevenness or shaking of the floor. This ensures overall aesthetics and safety.
The second point is that the wood-plastic material contains a large amount of plastic particles. The plastic particles have a certain degree of flexibility. If you step on the middle part for a long time, the two sides will bend upwards. This requires us to fix the two sides of the wood-plastic floor on the keel. Increase the service life of wood-plastic flooring.
Finally, the keel raises the wood-plastic floor by several centimeters to isolate it from the ground and avoid direct contact. In this way, in heavy rain, the floor will not be completely soaked in water, and the accumulated water will flow away in the gaps. The keel is divided into two types according to the material, namely wood-plastic keel and metal keel. The metal keel is more expensive and of better quality, while the wood-plastic keel is more cost-effective and suitable for budgets. Plenty of user options.
Two kinds of keel 
The installation method of wood-plastic keel is usually divided into the following steps:
1. Reserve the installation position of the keel on the ground, and generally require a spacing of no more than 30cm.
2. Clean the ground to ensure that the ground is flat, dry, dust-free and debris-free.
3. Fix the keel on the ground with expansion screws. Expansion screw is a fixing tool usually used for wood-plastic floor installation. By inserting the screw into the keel and rotating it on the ground, the screw will generate friction with the ground, thereby firmly fixing the keel to the ground.
4. Start laying wood-plastic flooring.
Special attention should be paid to the fixed length of the keel and the length of the wood-plastic floor, so that the floor can be laid more smoothly and the deformation and shaking of the wood-plastic floor can be reduced. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of the installation, it is best to install the keel by professionals. If you have strong hands-on ability, you might as well try it yourself.
For specific installation methods, please click the link below to download our illustration attachment

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