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WPC Composite VS Vinyl Floor

WPC Composite VS Vinyl Floor

May 12, 2023

Any product you want to use inevitably has advantages and disadvantages. Comparative level

The quality between vinyI and composite wallboard gives you a clear understanding of how the latter can provide higher value.

Winnie | won't dent or scratch, and it doesn't need repainting. The color does not fade easily because the pigment will penetrate the plastic material. It is more or less a maintenance-free solution, unless you want to beautify it by cleaning.

However, the quality of vinyl shows how it expands when exposed to moisture for a long time.

In turn, this will affect the stability of your home. Winnie | will crack at extreme temperatures, and strong winds will damage materials, making them unsuitable for places susceptible to strong winds and bad weather.

Vinyl siding is not waterproof. Sometimes, water leaks between the wall and the surface of the house, which leads to mold, insect pests and decay. Always check your drain to ensure that water does not flow along the siding that may be trapped. During installation, vinyl wall panels often overlap to form joints. It doesn't form a uniform appearance, which may not be what you are looking for.

The quality of composite wallboard is different from that of vinyl exterior wall. Our all-weather composite wallboard solution can withstand cold and freezing temperatures. Because of its chemical composition, it can also resist rot, mold, swelling and boring insects. Don't worry about regular redrawing, it keeps stability.

Let your home have an eternal and classic appearance. The appearance of the composite material also forms a seamless finish, because each piece is connected together at the edge with clips.

Senlai co-extrusion cover provides excellent damage resistance and protection of composite core materials. In the manufacturing process, heat will fuse the outer layer to the core, forming an indestructible shielding layer without using any harmful chemicals. It locks moisture and insects from all directions and protects the structural integrity of the building.

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