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July 14, 2023





    With the continuous development of the production process, the floor materials on the market are more and more diversified, among which, WPC and SPC materials are the most prominent, which replace outdoor anticorrosive wood and indoor solid wood floors, respectively.

    What are the two materials? What are their characteristics and weaknesses? If home decoration, how to choose? Next, let's analyze the differences between WPC and SPC from several perspectives.



    WPC is Wood-plastic Composites, and its core is usually composed of polyvinyl chloride, calcium carbonate, plasticizers, blowing agents, and wood-like or Wood materials (such as WOOD flour), with W referring to wood. The full name of SPC is Stone Plastic Composite, its core is composed of calcium carbonate, that is, we usually say limestone, S refers to stone.

    The main difference between the two materials is the raw material, one is based on wood, the other is based on stone.



    From the appearance point of view, there is no essential difference between the two. With the help of modern industry, both WPC and SPC can customize various colors and simulate the texture of various natural materials, but in general, the thickness of SPC is thinner.



    In general, WPC is used outdoors because the material performs better in a variety of harsh environments in the wild, and WPC can last longer in the face of heat, rain, cold, and mosquito gnawing.

    SPC is usually used in the city, thanks to the particularity of the stone material, SPC floor can be made thinner, and higher density. This allows your interior space not to be cramped by the thickness of the floor, and the high density provides better resistance to scratches or dents from heavy objects or furniture placed on top of it.



    Compared to SPC, WPC offers a higher level of comfort. Because WPC is usually composed of blowing agents, it is less dense, and the blowing agent provides enough cushioning to make it more gentle and comfortable for pedestrians to stand or walk on for long periods of time.

    In terms of sound insulation, WPC is obviously better, and the use of blowing agents provides better sound insulation for WPC. If you want to lay floors or wall panels in large public areas, don't hesitate to choose WPC.

    In terms of cost, WPC is slightly higher than SPC, in terms of installation cost, there is no difference between the two.



    There is no clear winner in terms of which product is better overall. WPC and SPC have many similarities, but there are also many fundamental differences. WPC may be more comfortable and quiet underfoot, but SPC has a higher density and is more scratch resistant.


    How to choose, or depends on your needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, our customer service staff will answer your questions in time.


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