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Q. Will Senlai wood-plastic products expand when the temperature changes?

When the temperature changes, the wood-plastic deck will also change. It will expand slightly as the temperature rises. The higher the temperature, the greater the expansion coefficient. However, according to the different sunshine hours in each area, we will adjust the formula to reduce the impact of thermal expansion and contraction on the board.


Q: After the deck is installed, do I still need to fill the gaps with glue or caulk?

This does not require padding. We recommend not to use any glue to fix or seal between the Senlai boards. Because this will destroy the properties of the plank, such as its drainage and natural expansion


Q. Can WPC deck be bent like wood?

Senlai products can be heated and bent, its bending performance is not as good as that of wood, it can be slightly bent, but we recommend that such design and work should be performed by specialized engineers or masters with installation experience


Q. Are Senlai wood-plastic products fireproof?

Our products are fire-resistant, which is what we often call flame-retardant grades. The best fire-resistant grade we can carry is B1. Unlike wood, it does not have air pockets inside wood, which can easily be ignited. Once our material catches fire, it won't catch fire if the source of the fire is removed


Q. Senlai products mold-proof in a humid environment?

Senlai products are mildew-proof. It is because the antifungal agent is added to the formula system. The more the proportion added, the better the mildew resistance, but the cost will also increase


Q. Will Senlai products fade with the passage of time?

When exposed to sunlight and other weather conditions, almost everything will fade with time. Senlai products are added with high-quality UV-inhibiting pigments, which are made of hardwood fibers to minimize fading (softwood fades more than hardwood), but there will still be some visible fading in the first few months (the speed and degree of this fading depends on the actual weather conditions) to provide a more textured appearance. Like any wood-based product, some fading will occur, but the plastic component will keep its color. Any initial color difference between boards is caused by the natural color difference of wood fibers. Once weathered, boards will show similar colors.


Q. Is it suitable for swimming pools and seaside use?

Sure. Senlai products do not absorb water, which is an ideal solution for near-water areas. In addition, it can be used in marine environment, because salt has no effect on it. In addition, no burr is a great advantage of Senlai products, which can protect your barefoot.


Q. What are the ingredients of Senlai products?

Senlai products are wood-plastic composites, which are made of a unique mixture of recycled wood flour and plastic, combined with highly advanced manufacturing technology. Forestar products are a special combination of about 60% hardwood fiber and nearly 30% polypropylene, and the remaining 10% contains high-quality pigments and some other additives, such as ultraviolet stability, mildew resistance and fire resistance.

The appearance of Senlai products is very similar to wood, which can perfectly replace wood, but it can't.


Q. Is it maintenance-free?

No need. The maintenance cost of Senlai products is very low, but it is not exempt from maintenance. You don't need sand, oil, stains or pesticides, but you may need normal cleaning and care.


Q: Why is it more expensive than cork?

Because of the excellent performance of WPC(wood plastic composite) and the extremely low maintenance cost or almost free, the life cycle cost of Senlai products is much lower than that of softwood. To some extent, the price is not high compared with cork. In addition, coniferous wood floors are often warped, knotted and inconsistent in density, and Senlai products are ideal substitutes.


Q .Can I get a length other than that listed in the price list?

Sure. The standard lengths in the market are: 2.2M (suitable for container width), 3.66M(12'), 4.88M(16') and 5.9M (suitable for container length). Other lengths can also be provided, but an extra fee is required.


Q. Do I need to punch holes before installation?

You only need to pre-drill in a few cases. For example, when you install the deck, you need to drill holes in the deck coverage area to accommodate the plastic expansion bolts.



Q .Can I use senlai products for load-bearing?

Although Senlai products can be used, it is not recommended to use them in structural applications, and it is best to leave them to structural engineers to design any load-bearing structures.



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