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3D Online Composite Decking

3D Online Composite Decking

May 12, 2023

Today we introduce a product. 3D embossed wood-plastic composite exterior WPC deck. It is very popular in the market.

It differs from conventional floors by its technologically advanced structure. Wood-plastic composite WPC flooring does not need to use adhesives, and it is easy to install through its locking system, which helps to reduce installation time and cost; and its components are all natural ingredients, without glue and heavy metals, and without formaldehyde. The WPC deck has sound-absorbing effect and is more comfortable and quiet underfoot, which is very suitable for key environments such as noise reduction.


3D embossed wood grain decks have a wide range of applications. Generally, it can be used in courtyards, gardens and other terraces. Outdoor laminate flooring will make your home more beautiful. Drinking coffee and chatting on the courtyard chairs are very enjoyable entertainment venues


It has all the advantages of traditional laminate flooring, and still retains: waterproof, UV resistance, weather resistance, anti-corrosion, termite resistance, temperature resistance, long service life and so on. Feels more like natural wood in appearance

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