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Composite Decking Board

Composite Decking Board

May 12, 2023

Residential decking applications

WPC decking is widely applied in residential areas, such as gardens, patios, poolsides, balconies, and rooftops. You can choose from a wide range of WPC decking designs, surface finishes, and sizes that suit your design preference. In contrast to traditional wooden decking, WPC decking does not require extensive maintenance; therefore, homeowners have shifted towards it because it saves maintenance costs while adding value to their homes.

Commercial decking applications 

WPC decking has gained popularity in commercial applications, including hotels, restaurants, and resorts, where a considerable number of people are expected. In this case, WPC decking is flexible to use since it can be customized to fit any size of the commercial area. Additionally, it is safe for users since it has a slip-resistant surface, which lowers the risk of accidental falls, making it a perfect choice for commercial applications.

Park and public decking applications

WPC decking has opened many opportunities for the development in park and public decking applications. Public places require a sturdy and durable floor that can withstand any weather conditions and high traffic. WPC decking is an excellent choice for parks and public solutions, due to its anti-fade technology that resists fading from UV radiation, its resistance to insects, molds, and fungi, and the ease of cleaning and maintenance.



In conclusion, WPC decking has transformed the traditional decking industry due to its environmental friendliness, durability, and affordability compared to traditional woods. Its applications can be wide-ranging as it is versatile and comes in different finishes, sizes, and colors. Choosing WPC decking could significantly enhance your outdoor space's appearance while serving you for an extended period.


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