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How do Customers Choose Accessories for Wood-Plastic Decks

How do Customers Choose Accessories for Wood-Plastic Decks

May 12, 2023

We solve all problems in the installation process for our customers. Today a customer is interested in how to choose accessories for wood-plastic decks. Wondering how clips connect adjacent boards.

Let's introduce the hidden clips are divided into plastic and metal clips

Although all deck boards can be fastened to the panel, how to connect the boards to each other requires the use of our plastic or metal clips. Metal or plastic clips fit into channels/grooves running the length of each side of the board and are secured to the joists. The plates are secured from the side rather than a screw drilled straight down from the top. Therefore, the fasteners are hidden between the boards, and the surface of the deck is smooth, which can be installed like an indoor floor

This fastening method helps minimize lateral plate movement.

Hidden fasteners ensure a consistent 3/16" gap between plates, which allows for normal thermal motion (expansion and contraction) to be experienced throughout the changing seasons. Without proper clearance or spacing, plates may buckle or Twist.Gap also ensures proper drainage of moisture and debris from the deck surface.

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