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May 12, 2023

For Wuhu Senlai New Materials Co. , Ltd. , the integrity of the equipment system and high requirements is only part of the quality, because as a very high quality requirements of wood and plastic products, even a small flaw will affect the appearance of wood products and use satisfaction, and ultimately affect brand image. Therefore, Wuhu New Materials Co. , Ltd. attaches great importance to precision operations, pay attention to the improvement of staff capabilities, and through management systematization, standardization, set up a technical research and development team to strengthen technical training. Regular industry learning to enhance the skills of employees, to cultivate the spirit of craftsmanship. At the same time strictly rely on I $09001, ISO2000 quality system and FSC certification system to ensure the stability of each batch of product quality and aesthetic.Wuhu Senlai New Materials Co. , Ltd. through the interaction between enterprises and people, people and technology equipment interaction, resulting in a strong manufacturing potential and a very high level, walk in the forefront of domestic wood and plastic industry.

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