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Senlai's Visit To The Nursing Home

Senlai's Visit To The Nursing Home

February 02, 2024

Senlai's Visit To The Nursing Home


The Lunar New Year is approaching. In line with the traditional values of the Chinese nation of "respecting the elderly and loving the young", our company would like to extend warm blessings to the local nursing home in Digang Town, Wuhu City.


The day started in a jubilant atmosphere as Senlai employees gathered at the nursing home holding red and gold decorations symbolizing good luck and prosperity. A dedicated team led by company executives has prepared a series of activities and surprises to make residents' stay unforgettable.





As part of the company's contribution to the society, we prepared rich New Year ingredients for the elderly residents, such as rice, soybean oil, vegetables, fresh pork, etc. and handed red envelopes containing cash to the person in charge of the nursing home, although the gifts were not expensive. , but we believe that these things will bring a touch of warmth to the elderly in the cold winter days.


Members of Senlai also gave each elderly person carefully selected personalized gifts to bring them joy and comfort. Warm blankets, books and small gifts brought smiles and gratitude to everyone, further reinforcing the company's commitment to supporting the well-being of the senior community.





Talking about this event, Mr. Young Zhao, General Manager of Wuhu Senlai New Materials Co., Ltd. said: "The Lunar New Year is a time for families and communities to gather together and celebrate the festival. We extend our most sincere blessings to the residents. We are very happy Being able to spread happiness and create unforgettable experiences during this special moment.”

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