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May 12, 2023

With the popularity of plastic wood products, the industry competition is becoming more and more fierce. But our company is not eager to blind competition, but dedicated to research and thinking, adhering to the concept of customer responsibility, wooden plastic manufacturing has a unique and profound understanding, committed to producing high-quality plastic wood products first, our Wood and plastic products are of high quality. Compared with traditional wood products, wood products are more advanced production technology, more stable and reliable quality. We use materials in the selection of more scientific, artificial addition of special additives can increase the stability of products and service life. In addition, because plastic can effectively reduce the deformation of wood in humidity and temperature changes, wood-plastic products are also longer than traditional wood products. 

Secondly, Senlai Wood plastic products is a kind of environmental protection and health materials. Because the materials used include not only natural wood flour, but also biodegradable materials such as plastics, therefore, with environmental protection. Wood and plastic products in the production process will not release a large number of harmful gases and wastewater, and its use process will not release harmful substances to the human body harm.

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