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Before buying, you need to know about wood plastic 8 small knowledge.

Before buying, you need to know about wood plastic 8 small knowledge.

June 30, 2023

Before buying, you need to know about wood plastic 8 small knowledge.


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● WPC materials have been available for more than 25 years, and in so many years, they have been widely used in various scenarios, from large public venues built by the government to small private gardens and swimming pools. There is no doubt that they provide excellent results regardless of the environment.


● WPC is a material made of wood, recycled plastic particles and various additives in accordance with a certain proportion, mainly used for floors, wall cladding, railings and park furniture.


● High quality wood plastic has excellent anti-aging, moisture-proof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-mold, anti-moth and other properties.


● They allow you to worry the least, and wood-plastic profiles do not require painting, staining or any additional protection.


● They are a cost-effective alternative to natural wood and can be assembled with wood screws or gluing just like PVC profiles.


● One of the raw materials of WPC is natural wood, so there may be slight color changes between batches, but the differences are small.


● WPC are environmentally friendly because they not only save wood resources (as they use wood to recycle waste), but also contain recyclable plastic particles, thus reducing dependence on limited natural resources such as oil.


● All old WPC profiles can be recycled, and even if they end up in landfills, they don't release heavy metals or other harmful substances into the water, air or soil. Wood-plastic materials meet the needs of sustainable development.

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