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How to Choosing A WPC Decking Supplier

How to Choosing A WPC Decking Supplier

July 19, 2023


Things to consider when choosing a WPC flooring supplier


WPC flooring is a very popular outdoor flooring material today, it is both beautiful and practical. In the face of this expanding market, how should dealers choose good suppliers, if it is our project or their own use, how should they choose products?

This article will tell you what to consider when choosing WPC flooring suppliers and products to ensure that the quality and workmanship meet the standards you expect.



How is WPC floor made?


Today, WPC flooring is manufactured in factories all over the world, and your options are numerous. However, it is important to remember that different countries and regions have different quality and safety standards, which have a crucial impact on the final product produced by the factory.


Although the purchase price is crucial, no one wants to buy a floor that is prone to problems. Therefore, before placing an order, it is best to ask whether the factory has a quality inspection certificate issued by a professional organization.


If you can, buying a plane ticket to visit the factory is the safest way, no amount of virtual world chat is as good as real life. Only by seeing the production line of WPC flooring with your own eyes, you can safely reach a cooperation.




What sales models do they have?


Generally speaking, there are two sales models in the factory, one is to sell to dealers in large quantities, and the other is to sell a small amount to the construction team or individual users.


Most factories will only sell to dealers at wholesale prices, so as to save costs and create income as much as possible. Individual users will make the entire purchase process more expensive due to transportation costs and MOQ, and if the demand is too small, the factory will lose money. Therefore, most factories will set a minimum order quantity, which is calculated according to the comprehensive cost such as freight, if you reach this minimum order quantity, you may wish to consider placing an order directly from the factory. After all, from the unit price of the product, it must be the factory's price is lower.





What after-sales service do they have?


After-sales service is also a crucial part of the entire purchase process.


Some offer repair, cleaning, or replacement of damage within a certain period of time. However, if it involves transnational trade, it is difficult for the general factory to do so, and the high transportation costs will make the factory unbearable.






Delivery time


Delivery time is also an important factor to test the comprehensive strength of a factory, which indirectly reflects the financial situation of the factory, production capacity, the overall coordination ability, these situations directly ask it is easy to get untrue answers, but the delivery time can not be faked.


In the factory, from receiving the order to putting into production is a process, the first need to arrange the production plan, which tests the overall coordination ability of the whole factory, after the production task is assigned, the need to prepare raw materials, the strong factory will store a certain amount of raw materials, rather than after the order to buy, which tests the financial status of the factory is excellent. The next production to delivery time can see whether the factory's production capacity is qualified.


So, if you feel that the other party has reservations during the communication process, try asking him about the delivery time. This is a reflection of the overall strength of the company.


Of course, the faster the delivery time is not the better, if the delivery time is too fast, you have to consider whether the factory will stock products mixed in.





The WPC flooring supplier you can trust


SENLAI is a professional WPC flooring manufacturing plant in China, providing beautiful and durable flooring to distributors and individual users.


Our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality assurance standards, which are recognized by distributors in many countries and regions.


For more information, please visit our FAQ interface, if you would like to order a sample, please contact us.




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