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How to clear snow from your outdoor deck?

How to clear snow from your outdoor deck?

December 14, 2023

How to clear snow from your outdoor deck?


The time has slowly entered winter, and if the fluffy white stuff is in your region's winter forecast, be sure to check out these snow removal and clean up tips for composite and PVC decks. Be prepared before the snowstorm arrives, after all, no one wants to Seeing a devastated garden after the ice and snow melted.

If you buy a quality wood plastic deck, it should be able to withstand the weight of about 7cm of snow(For example, the WPC decking produced by SenLai) Seeing this, some people may think: There is no 7 centimeters of snow in the area where I live. However, even if wind and snow don't directly crush your deck, it can still pose a safety hazard, and it's important to clear a path that's clear of ice and snow to ensure that those passing by don't have to be cautious at all times.




1. Choose the right tools

Before clearing snow, it's important to choose the right tools. Avoid using metal shovels or sharp tools as they may scratch the deck surface. Instead, use a plastic shovel or soft-bristled brush, which can effectively clear snow without causing damage to your deck.


2. Safe Cleaning Steps

There are some safety precautions to keep in mind when clearing snow. First, make sure you are standing on a stable surface to avoid slipping or injury, safety first. Second, clear the snow carefully, making sure not to put excessive pressure on the deck surface. Push the tool gently and shovel the snow along a path that is parallel to the grain of the deck, not perpendicular. Clearing snow from intersections greatly increases the likelihood of catching the edges of composite decking and causing damage. Avoid sweeping hard enough to avoid damaging the deck.

Remember, never use an ice crusher (even a plastic one) on the deck as permanent damage may occur.


3. Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is key to keeping your composite deck tidy, so don’t sit on your squishy leather couch next to the fireplace, take action! During winter, especially in areas with a lot of snow, it is recommended to clear the snow from the deck regularly to prevent the snow from being too heavy or pressing on the deck for a long time. This can be accomplished by clearing after every snowfall or when the snow reaches a certain depth.





4. Precautions when using deicing agents

Sometimes, de-icer can help clear snow from your composite deck. However, choosing the right de-icer is crucial. Be cautious when using de-icers that contain salt. Although salt has a certain melting effect, it may cause damage to the deck.

Sand is also not suitable, as the particles vary in size,are rough, and are abrasive.

If you have children or pets that spend a lot of time on your deck during the winter, make sure the product you choose is safe for them. Choose an environmentally friendly deicer or a product that matches the deck manufacturer's recommendations.


5. Preventive measures

Finally, taking a few precautions can reduce the impact of snow on your composite deck. Regularly clear your deck of leaves and debris to prevent them from absorbing moisture and adding to the weight of the snow as it accumulates. Additionally, consider applying a waterproofing agent to the deck surface to reduce the adhesion of snow.

Tip: If you have a pet cat at home, cat litter may come in handy. Cat litter is a cheap and easy-to-clean method of preventing ice build-up.






Clearing snow from your composite deck is an important task in maintaining its appearance and performance. Choosing the right tools, following safety steps, clearing regularly and using the proper de-icer are keys to clearing snow. At the same time, taking precautions can reduce the impact of snow on your deck. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure your composite deck remains safe and looks great during the winter months.

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