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How to Prevent Static Electricity on WPC Deck in Autumn and Winter?

How to Prevent Static Electricity on WPC Deck in Autumn and Winter?

November 29, 2023

How to Prevent Static Electricity on WPC Deck in Autumn and Winter?


      As autumn and winter arrive, the weather begins to become colder and drier. Along with it comes an unexpected elf.

      It's like a little mischievous spark that loves to play tricks on us. You know that feeling when your hair stands on end and your socks stick to the carpet? Blame it on the mind-blowing fun of static! It's this invisible force that makes the balloons stick to the wall and give your hands a slight tingle when you touch the sweater.

      While static electricity is mostly harmless, not everyone may enjoy the stinging sensation.

      Next, there are some life tips that can help you reduce static electricity on your outdoor WPC deck.


Humidity Control



Humidity Control

      Keep outdoor deck surfaces slightly moist. Drying can create static electricity, so sprinkling a small amount of water on the deck can help reduce static electricity. However, be careful not to create a slippery environment or promote standing water.



      Another way to combat static electricity on your laminate flooring is to introduce plants to your deck. Plants, especially large ones, exhale large amounts of oxygen, creating a naturally humid atmosphere that reduces dryness in the air and prevents static electricity from building up on your deck.


Plant On Outdoor WPC Decking 




      Make sure any metal parts or structures in contact with your outdoor deck are properly grounded. This includes metal handrails, posts, or any other conductive material. Proper grounding helps dissipate static electricity and prevent it from building up on your deck.


Anti-static Mat

      Place anti-static mats or rugs on outdoor decks, especially in high-traffic areas. These mats are designed to eliminate static electricity and provide a safe walking surface. Look for outdoor-specific anti-static mats that are weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use.


Footwear Selection

      When doing outdoor activities, you should choose footwear with anti-static properties. Look for shoes with rubber soles or specially designed anti-static shoes to minimize the build-up of static electricity. These shoes help prevent the build-up of static charge and reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge.


Carpet On Outdoor WPC Decking


Reduce Synthetic Fibers

      Avoid using or wearing synthetic materials on outdoor decks. Synthetic fibers, such as polyester or nylon, generate more static electricity. Instead, choose natural materials like cotton or wool for outdoor rugs or seating arrangements to minimize static build-up.


Static Control Spray

      Use an anti-static spray or treatment designed for outdoor surfaces. These products can help neutralize static electricity and reduce the build-up of static electricity on your deck. Follow manufacturer's instructions for proper use and reuse as needed.


Regular Cleaning

      Keep your outdoor deck clean and remove debris, dust and dirt, as they can create static electricity. Sweep or flush the area regularly to eliminate any potential sources of static electricity buildup.


Professional Assistance

      If static electricity on your outdoor deck becomes an ongoing problem, consider consulting a professional electrician or deck specialist. They can assess the situation, provide expert advice, and recommend specialized solutions for your specific outdoor deck.


      By implementing these precautions, you can minimize static electricity on your outdoor deck during the fall and winter months, creating a safer, more comfortable outdoor environment.

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