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  • How to better maintain WPC DIY tiles
    Apr 04, 2024
    How to better maintain WPC DIY tiles ?     WPC DIY tiles are a composite floor made of wood powder and plastic particles. They are usually 30cm*30cm in size. Compared with traditional solid wood floors, they are more durable and waterproof. But this does not mean that we can use it casually, any product needs to be cherished. WPC DIY tiles are easily affected by sharp objects and heavy objects such as high heels, sofas and other daily necessities. In some cases, wet weather or pet paws can also pose a threat to WPC DIY tiles. Here are some suggestions to help you better care for your WPC DIY tiles.   Part 1 USE SOME PROPS   Ⅰ Place a welcome mat at the door When we come home from the outdoors, never enter the house with your shoes on. Dirt, gravel, and sand may be hidden in the gaps of the soles, and these hard objects can easily scratch WPC DIY tiles. Placing a mat at the door can effectively prevent this from happening. It will remind everyone who enters the house to change shoes or clean the soles at the door.   Ⅱ Lay carpet under the heavy objects There are often many heavy objects in your house, such as sofas, cabinets, etc. If you accidentally move these heavy objects, it will leave traces on the tiles, which is very distressing. Laying carpet under these heavy objects can effectively reduce scratches and avoid heavy objects from scratching and damaging WPC DIY tiles.   Ⅲ Install protective pads on the bottom of furniture Furniture such as tables and chairs have sharp feet. In daily use, we may move these furniture and accidentally leave marks on the tiles. Foot pads will help prevent damage to the tiles from the base of furniture or other sharp objects. It is recommended to buy a protective pad with glue on one side, which can be directly stuck to the bottom of the furniture without the need to apply glue yourself.   Remember to check the protective pads you install regularly. The protective pad may fall off due to the glue losing its stickiness or the protective pad may be severely worn and lose its protective function.         IV Use rubber wheels instead of plastic wheels We like to use a chair with wheels at the computer desk in the study. Not only do hard plastic wheels not slide as smoothly, they can also cause a lot of damage to the tiles. From now on, remove the plastic casters from your chairs and replace them with rubber wheels.         Part 2 TREAT YOUR WPC DIY TILES GENTLY   Ⅰ Lift instead of drag When moving furniture, please do not drag or push it forcefully. If you are strong enough, lift it up and move it. If you can't do it alone, ask friends or family for help.         Ⅱ Use a small trailer to transport furniture If you feel that it is too strenuous to carry heavy furniture all the time, you can buy a small trailer, lift the furniture onto the small trailer, and then move the small trailer, which can save a lot of effort.         It is worth noting that when buying a small trailer, try to buy a small trailer with rubber wheels and pay attention to its load capacity. The items you need to transport cannot exceed its load capacity.   Ⅲ Trim your pet’s nails The long claws of pets can cause damage to WPC DIY tiles. Cats have the habit of sharpening their claws, and dogs have the habit of digging holes. If there is no special place for them to move around, you need to trim your pet's nails in time.         Part3 HOW TO CLEAN WPC DIY TILES   Ⅰ Do not mop the floor with a mop that is too wet Cleaning tiles with a mop that is too wet can cause excess moisture to seep underneath, making tiles brittle if they are soaked in water for a long time in a humid environment. If you have higher requirements for cleaning, you can purchase a cleaning spray specially designed for floors and wipe the floor with a cloth or dry mop.         Ⅱ Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a hard brush head Please do not use vacuum cleaners with rotating brush heads or hard brush heads on WPC DIY tiles. High-speed rotating brush heads can scratch the floor. It is worth noting that before using the vacuum cleaner, please check the following vacuum cleaner wheels to ensure that there is no dirt or grit hidden in the middle.         If you need more professional content about product parameters and knowledge, please click Contact Us.      
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