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  • How to calculate the price of WPC decking?
    Mar 06, 2024
    Practical Tips! How to calculate the price of WPC decking?   When buying home decoration and building materials, what do you pay most attention to? Is it the appearance? Yes, who doesn’t want his garden to be beautiful? quality? This is also important, cracks in the ground feel terrible. brand? Well, it sounds reasonable. Products from big brands may be better. But no matter what your preferences are, there is one factor you can never get around: price. (Of course, if your name is on the world's richest list, just pretend I didn't say it) Next, I will tell you the factors that affect the price of wood plastic decking and a simple price calculation method, so that you can be mentally prepared before making a decision.     Ⅰ. What are the factors that affect the price of wood plastic decking? 1. Material quality: The price of wood-plastic decking is directly related to the quality of its materials. Wood-plastic decking is mainly composed of wood powder, plastic particles and various additives. High-quality raw materials are usually more expensive. For example, there is a significant difference between high-quality plastic particles and low-quality plastic particles. High-quality ones tend to have higher strength. and flexibility, not easy to bend, deform and break. The price of plastic particles of different qualities can often vary by hundreds of dollars per ton; the same is true for wood powder and additives. Products of different qualities differ in color, durability, waterproofness and corrosion resistance. , antioxidant properties are very different. (Senlai has close cooperation with raw material factories and insists on using high-quality raw materials.) 2. Weight: The weight of the deck is another important factor that affects the price of the product. Sometimes you will see that the decks are obviously the same style and the same texture, but their prices are different. This is related to the weight of the deck per meter. , the same length and heavier deck requires more materials, so its price will be higher. 3. Brand and Manufacturer: Wood plastic decking from well-known brands and quality manufacturers usually has higher prices. This is because these brands/manufacturers have a higher reputation in the market and usually provide better product quality and after-sales service. The extra money you spend may be reflected in the service.   4. Design and style: Different designs and styles will also have an impact on the price of wood plastic flooring. Some special designs, patterns or textures may increase the cost of producing the flooring, thereby increasing the price. For example, the price of imitation wood-grained decking will be higher than that of straight-grained decking, and the price of co-extruded decking will be higher than that of ordinary conformal decking. White decks will cost more than other deck colors because white paint is the most expensive.   Ⅱ. The wood-plastic deck price calculation method that can be learned in one step The price of wood-plastic decking is usually measured in square meters. If you are using it yourself or as a construction team, you only need to know the area you need, and then multiply the area by the price per square meter. For example, if you have a garden covering an area of 120 square meters and need to deck it, and the price per square meter of decking is US$10, then multiply 120 by 10 to get a price of US$1,200. Isn’t it simple? It is worth noting that laying a deck usually involves losses, so we strongly recommend that you add 8% more when calculating the required area. After all, no one wants to spend extra transportation costs. More is better than less, right?       The next step is to calculate the required accessories. The auxiliary materials of wood plastic decking include keels, edge strips, screws, buckles, etc. The prices of these excipients vary and we cannot be clear here, but we can have a rough estimate of the quantities they require.   See table below.   Per square meter Keel Edge Banding Strip Screws And Buckles Needed per square meter 3 meters Measure according to actual situation 20 sets   From this we can conclude that if you buy a 100-square-meter wood-plastic deck, you will need 300 meters of keel and 2,000 sets of screw buckles. (The edge banding strip needs to be measured based on your actual circumference) Isn't it very simple? So at the end of the article, here is a debut question to test you. Assuming you have a budget of US$2,000, how many square meters of wood-plastic straight grain flooring can you buy? (A joke)   If you have any questions, please click Contact Us to contact the customer service of Senlai New Materials Co., Ltd.
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