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  • What's The Fire-Resistance Rating of WPC Decking
    Aug 30, 2023
    What's The Fire-Resistance Rating of WPC Decking             Fireproof materials play a vital role in modern buildings. With the rapid development of urbanization and the increase of buildings, fire safety has become the primary task of protecting people's lives and property safety. In this context, it is particularly important to select and use effective building fireproof materials. Therefore, we hope that all customers who want to buy WPC decking or have already purchased WPC decking can understand what the fire rating is and the fire rating of our products.       In the following, we will introduce in detail what are the internationally accepted fire protection ratings, and whether WPC decking can meet your fire protection requirements.       What's the fire-resistance rating classfication system?   The fire-resistance rating classification system is a standardized system used to evaluate the fire resistance performance of building materials and assemblies. It determines the ability of materials and assemblies to withstand fire exposure and retain their structural integrity during a specified period. Materials and products can be classified into seven different Euroclasses according to how they react in fire The higher the letter, the better the fire performance. The following table can clearly see how different grades of fireproofing materials perform.   Classification Definition Description A1 Non-Combustibility No contribution to fire A2 Limited Combustibility Very limited contribution to fire B Combustible Limited contribution to fire C Minor contribution to fire D Medium contribution to fire E High contribution to fire F Easily flammable           Additionally, an "S" rating may exist in some countries' fire rating systems. This "S" rating usually means "Smoke". The "S" in the fire rating indicates the smoke production and toxicity of the material or structure in the event of a fire.      Smoke is one of the most dangerous elements in a fire, threatening the lives of people and possibly causing smoke poisoning. Therefore, in some fire rating systems, in addition to considering the fire resistance of materials and structures, the smoke generated by their combustion is also evaluated and classified.   Classification Description S1 low opacity and produces little smoke S2 Medium opacity and produces smoke S3 High opacity and produces a lot of smoke       The fire rating of our WPC decking is Class B       The fire rating of our wood-plastic flooring complies with the industry norms for wood composite products, which belongs to Class B. Class B fire rating means our WPC flooring has excellent flame retardant effect. It is nearly impossible to ignite.       Since we want to keep the beautiful appearance of the floor as much as possible and simulate the texture of real wood, the material contains wood powder and plastic, so it is almost impossible to achieve the A-class flame retardant rating. But don't worry, this still complies with current fire codes.   FIRE RATING TEST     How to Put Out a Floor Fire       We all know that outdoor campfires and barbecues are one of everyone's favorite gathering activities. The WPC floor is usually used in outdoor gardens or swimming pools, and becomes neighbors with various plants.       Although the WPC floor is difficult to ignite, we must also pay attention to safety when the surrounding is full of flammable materials. What if, unfortunately, during an outdoor barbecue, something is set on fire on the floor?       1.Call the fire department       In any case, calling the local fire alarm is the safest option. Once you feel that the situation is out of control, please call the local fire alarm immediately;       2. Stop adding fuel to the fire       If something on the floor is set on fire, make up your mind to stop the event and evacuate the crowd immediately. After all, nothing is more important than life safety. Under the condition of ensuring safety, transfer nearby oil, charcoal and other flammable items away from the fire source;       3. Extinguish controllable fire sources       Since the WPC floor has a certain fire resistance, in the absence of flammable materials, it is difficult for the fire source to spread quickly on the floor. If the fire is small and your safety is not threatened, you can try to put out the flames yourself. Using a certified fire extinguisher is the best option, if not available a bucket of water or a garden hose can be used. If you choose to use a hose, set the nozzle to the shower or spray setting, as a direct shot of water can create sparks. When dousing a fire with water, remember to keep a certain distance from the flames. The heat from the fire can turn the water into scalding hot steam that can burn you or others nearby       4. Bury fire source       Do not let your guard down immediately after the fire is extinguished, you also need to grab a shovel and scoop up the dirt in the yard, aim at the spot that just burned, and bury the ash and embers. If you see any steam or hear any hot spots, you Feel free to add more water to quench it completely. Tip: Doing this will prevent a resurgence and don't worry about staining the floor, WPC floors are very easy to clean.      
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