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  • Why is WPC decking more expensive than wood?
    Oct 09, 2023
    Why is WPC decking more expensive than wood?             It is difficult to draw a conclusion on whether WPC decking or wood decking is better. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some people like the environmental friendliness and durability of WPC decking, but others prefer the authentic feel of wood decking. There is no better one, only the one that suits you better.       But what is certain is that the price of WPC decking is higher than that of ordinary wood decking. Generally speaking, the price of WPC decking is more than 2 times the price of ordinary wood.         Raw materials are the biggest difference       The main reason why WPC decks are more expensive is that the raw materials required are more complex. WPC decks are composed of plastic particles, wood powder and additives. The process from recycling to processing of these raw materials is long and complex, and these costs are far greater than the cost of felling the wood. This is especially true in some countries and regions with rich timber resources.   The difference between production processes       The manufacturing process of WPC deck requires the use of advanced technology and equipment, including a series of processes such as granulation, extrusion, and polishing. Simply put, it involves gluing layers of materials together, applying thin layers of wood, texturing and decorative treatments, etc. The application of these processes and technologies increases manufacturing costs and also results in higher prices for composite flooring.       Relatively speaking, the production process of ordinary wooden floors is much simpler.         Consideration of later maintenance costs       Usually when buying a car, we should not only consider the cost of purchase at the time, but also need to consider the cost of subsequent repairs and maintenance. For example, a BMW car that is more than 10 years old may cost only a few thousand dollars, but it may have problems after you buy it home, and the cost of one repair may have exceeded the original price of the car.       The same goes for our outdoor decking, when comparing wood to WPC decking, pricing based solely on what it is today is unreasonable. Ordinary wood faces maintenance problems. Ordinary outdoor wood decks require repainting and surface layer protection.       Take repainting as an example. Assume that a wooden outdoor deck needs to be used for 15 years. A 4-liter bucket of deck paint costs about $90. Assuming that the paint is repainted once a year, and each repaint consumes 2 liters of paint, then the outdoor deck needs to be replaced. It previously cost about $675 to maintain, not including surface coating and time costs.       WPC decks don’t have this problem. You don’t have to spend time and money to maintain it. After this calculation, does the price difference in the initial purchase seem insignificant?         Durability considerations       WPC outdoor decks are waterproof, sun-proof, and anti-corrosion. Their service life can usually reach more than 15 years, while wooden decks usually do not last 15 years. In fact, if you take good care of it, it can reach more than 10 years. alright.       Buying and installing it again is a considerable expense, and I believe no one wants to see their garden deck needing to be demolished and rebuilt.   Better user experience       Taking the car example again, no one walks into their local car dealership expecting to buy a brand new Porsche 911 sports car for a few thousand dollars. Such luxury cars are more expensive because they have higher value, better performance, and can give you a better driving experience.       Same goes for WPC decking, our SENLAI WPC decking uses the latest composite building material technology and is therefore more expensive than wood. WPC was born to bring people a better outdoor deck experience.
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