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  • Clean the difference between WPC embossed decking and WPC straight decking
    Aug 18, 2023
    Clean the difference between WPC embossed decking and WPC straight decking     WPC decking is currently one of the most popular floors in the building materials market, compared to wood flooring that requires regular care and maintenance. WPC decking require almost no regular maintenance, sealing and painting, and only need regular cleaning to maintain a beautiful appearance. In fact, in order to achieve a better cleaning effect, you can use targeted methods to clean different styles of WPC decking. Here are the different ways to clean WPC embossed decking and WPC straight decking to ensure that your WPC decking is restored to its previous bright state.     WPC embossed decking     WPC embossed decking using advanced 3D wood surface embossed technology, surface wood texture and natural wood feeling is its characteristic, so the floor surface of the small scratches more affect the appearance of plastic wood embossed decking, to remove these scratches, you can use a small wire brush or sandpaper. When the WPC decking is installed in the larger terrace, there may be a lot of dirt to remove and clean, take the conventional method of cleaning can be cleaned, that is, scrub with mild detergent and water. For dirt that is difficult to remove, you need to use a soft brush to clean it.         WPC straight decking     Compared with the WPC decking, the surface of the WPC straight decking has a lot of groove design, organic residues such as leaves, seeds, pollen can easily silt or block the grooves on the surface of the deck, and over a long time these organic substances will rot and dirty the deck, so we recommend that you use a high pressure water gun to wash the dirt in the grooves. These organic matter can also breed mold, must pay attention to clean up, you can use soapy water and soft brush to clean, which can ensure that the cracks and corners of the platform are not forgotten.         For the cleaning of the WPC embossed decking and the WPC straight decking, it is necessary to pay attention to thoroughly wash the decking with warm water afterwards. Soaps and cleaners will leave a film on the WPC decking, which may damage the decking over time.     All in all, it is very simple to clean the board of WPC decking. As long as it is cleaned regularly, your WPC decking will look good and last longer.
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