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  • Can WPC decking be scratch-resistant?
    Sep 13, 2023
    Can WPC decking be scratch-resistant?   To be honest, WPC decking are not 100% scratch-proof. Even between different types of WPC decking, their scratch resistance can vary. What? As a WPC decking manufacturer, I thought you would tell me that WPC decking is scratch-resistant. Unfortunately, although WPC decking has hundreds of advantages, I can't lie to you in this regard. Although I really hope that everyone can buy my products, I hope that you can have a perfect yard even more. WPC decking is a type of artificial decking. Although it is better than some wooden decking in terms of anti-scratch performance and can withstand large amounts of foot traffic and extreme weather, it is made of recycled plastic and wood powder after all. instead of metal. But some necessary measures and techniques can try to avoid damage to the decking.     Which WPC decking is more scratch-resistant?   WPC decking is mainly divided into two categories: traditional composite decking (first-generation decking) and co-extruded decking (second-generation decking). The main difference between them is that co-extruded decking has a surface coating that has added antioxidants and stabilizers to firmly protect the internal structure and is more scratch-resistant, even if it is Even if it is scratched by sharp objects, it will not leave any big marks.     How to avoid scratching as much as possible?   1. Choose the right furniture   Proper furniture selection can prevent scratches from occurring in the first place. Lighter furniture or larger base areas can effectively reduce pressure and prevent the furniture from directly scratching the decking. Of course, it would be great if you could thoughtfully put foot pads under each table and chair or lay carpets under them. This not only makes your decking more beautiful, but also protects your decking better. (Remember to check the mats regularly to make sure they are not worn or have sharp objects. If they are worn or damaged, replace or repair them in time)       2. Avoid pulling heavy objects   Avoid dragging heavy objects on the decking, whether they are furniture, boxes or large toys, even if they have pads on the bottom.   3. Clean the decking promptly   Some people may ask, will the cleanliness of the decking affect its anti-scratch ability? The answer is yes. Cleanness and dirt will not directly affect the anti-scratch ability. However, if the decking is not cleaned in time, gravel and small stones may remain on the WPC decking surface. Once they are stepped on in the future, they may cause scratches on the decking surface mark.   4. Be careful with high heels   High heels, especially stilettos, can cause damage to all kinds of decking. High heels concentrate all the weight of a person's body on two small points, which greatly increases the pressure. Try not to do this even if you are slim. The sharp heels of high heels may leave scratches on the decking, and certain decking materials, such as soft plastic decking or thin wooden decking, may be damaged by perforations from the sharp parts of high heels.   High heels on the deck   5. Pets   Pets are part of our family and we love seeing them running and playing happily on the decking. However, it is worth noting that certain habits of small animals can also pose some threats to the decking. Cats like to sharpen their claws and dogs need to grind their teeth. If they use the decking as their own tool, they will leave some marks on the decking. We can’t stop their nature, but we can guide them to find tools that suit them, such as preparing scratching posts and teething sticks in advance. As long as they are satisfied elsewhere, they will no longer think about WPC decking. By the way, remember to seal the edges of the decking with edge strips, because large gaps will arouse the curiosity of small animals, and they can't help but want to find out.   cat on deck   To decide which deck is better for your garden, check out our product interface and contact us to determine which deck is best for you.
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