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  • How to choose between hollow WPC deck and solid WPC deck?
    Nov 02, 2023
    How to choose between hollow WPC deck and solid WPC deck?             In our real life, we often face various choices, such as whether to choose a hollow WPC deck or a solid WPC deck. After installation, there is almost no difference in appearance.       Therefore, many customers who choose WPC decking will ask a question, why should I choose hollow decking instead of solid decking (Some people also ask the opposite question)       Overall, their biggest differences are strength and weight and most people are concerned about price. Next, I will go into detail about the core between the two decks and how to choose in different circumstances.         The core differences between the two decks Structure       Hollow WPC flooring has a hollow structure inside the WPC composite material, similar to a hollow tube. They generally have lighter weight and lower density. In contrast, solid WPC floors have no hollow structure and are solid as a whole, with higher density.   Sound insulation       Solid WPC decks absorb the sound of walking or running better than hollow WPC decks.   Durability       In most cases, solid WPC decking is more durable than hollow WPC decking. Solid decks can handle higher weights, and you don’t have to worry about sharp stilettos and falling heavy objects at all. Solid means higher quality, but that doesn’t mean that solid WPC decking is the best choice in every situation.   Price       In terms of price, solid WPC decks are naturally much more expensive. In terms of production, solid decks require far more materials than hollow decks.      Expansion and Contraction       Hollow WPC flooring has lighter weight and good thermal expansion and contraction properties. Due to their hollow structure, they respond more flexibly to temperature changes and are less prone to deformation and cracks. The solid      WPC deck will be even more affected when faced with huge temperature differences. If you live in a country or region with large temperature differences throughout the seasons, we would recommend you choose a hollow deck.   Install       Under the category of installation, it is worth breaking it down into several small points.       1. Difficulty in handling: For a WPC deck of the same length, the hollow deck may be one-third lighter than the solid deck. Therefore, whether you do it yourself or hire a construction team to install it, the transportation cost of hollow WPC decking is much lower.       2. It is easier to lay wires: Many people like to install lights or other electronic devices in their gardens, which will make their yards look cooler. It's much easier to achieve these goals and run wires for speakers or lights using hollow composite board because you can run the wires through the board very easily.         3. Edge strips: Most people don’t want to see the holes at both ends of the hollow deck. This not only worsens the overall appearance of the deck, but also allows many insects and garbage to hide inside. Therefore, the last step in the installation of a hollow WPC deck must be to install edge strips to seal the hole. A solid WPC deck can eliminate this step.         How to choose?       Choosing hollow WPC flooring or solid WPC flooring should be based on the following considerations:             Application Location: First consider where the floor will be used. For light-duty residential interior use, such as bedrooms, living rooms or offices, hollow core WPC flooring may be a suitable choice. For commercial areas, public spaces or high-traffic areas such as shops, restaurants, corridors and public spaces, solid WPC floors are often more suitable due to their greater strength and durability.         Budget Considerations: Budget is one of the important factors in choosing the type of flooring. In general, hollow WPC floors are more economical and affordable than solid WPC floors. If you are looking to get WPC composite flooring within a lower cost range, then hollow core WPC flooring may be a more suitable choice. However, with sufficient budget, solid WPC flooring may offer better quality and performance.         Life Expectancy: It’s also important to consider the life expectancy of your flooring. Solid WPC flooring generally has a longer service life due to its sturdy construction and higher density. If you want your floor to withstand years of use and wear without being easily deformed or damaged, solid WPC flooring may be a more reliable choice.           Environmental Factors: Environmental factors of the flooring also need to be considered. If the floor will be exposed to moisture, moisture, or high temperatures, solid WPC flooring may be more suitable because its denser structure is better able to resist the effects of these environments. Hollow core WPC floors may be more susceptible to moisture or warping in these conditions.   Summarize       Although the overall quality of solid decks is stronger than hollow decks, this does not mean that there is a problem with the quality of hollow decks. The interior of a hollow deck is usually made of arches, making it very strong. You never have to worry about whether you can accommodate heavy furniture. You can place tables, chairs, and a barbecue grill in your garden. Even if you encounter a severe snowstorm, you don’t have to worry. You can sit by the heater in the living room and watch the snow outside the window. The deck can fully support the weight of the snow.       In fact, hollow WPC decks are more popular with ordinary households in the market, and their material costs, transportation costs, and installation costs are much lower than solid decks. In any case, it is unrealistic to talk about issues without price.         Each of SENLAI's WPC deck products has excellent strength and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, if you are looking for the best solution for garden decoration, you can click on our product interface to select, or contact us, and we will give you the most professional answer.  
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